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Are these totally useless gadgets and apps the best tech innovators can come up with?

Yogi SchulzWill these 10 gadgets improve your life?

Headset improves your eyesight

Do your eyes need more exercise?

Otus Premium by Edenlux is a digital wearable headset that claims to improve your eyesight.

In conjunction with the Otus app, the headset device enables end-users to test their eye health, perform eye exercises and receive an eye health report.

I hope this ridiculous gadget adds assurance to someone’s life.

Watch a demo here.

Otus Premium by Edenlux

Otus Premium by Edenlux

Body-editing app from Nufa

Body-editing app from Nufa


The smartphone app Clam produces non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion

Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion



The Cotons Sense 1 intelligent dog collar

The Cotons Sense 1 intelligent dog collar

Rollkers powered rollerskates

Rollkers powered rollerskates

COSMECHIP skin care

COSMECHIP skin care

The AI-powered baby stroller by GlüxKind

The AI-powered baby stroller by GlüxKind

Portable Blender

Portable Blender

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Yet more crazy, wacky gadgets at CES 2022

Body-editing app

Do you need an inspiring photo to help you to get into shape?

With the help of the practical body-editing app Nufa, you can visualize a leaner and trimmer physique today. You no longer need to spend tedious time using photo editors to enhance your body images.

You can create stunning and flawless images of your dream physique simply by clicking. Post your alluring and fabulous photographs on social media to impress friends and fool potential dates. You can quickly increase your number of likes. Your enhanced social media profile will dramatically improve your motivation to get that body for real! The app includes personalized workouts to achieve that hot bod you’ve always dreamed about.

Will trying to meet the impossible image you created help or hurt your self-image?

Learn more here.

Instant NFTs

Should your experiences be enshrined as NFTs?

The smartphone app Clam produces non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of your actual experiences. The app collects the location, date, time, and image information when you take a photo. Then it bundles the data as an NFT and creates a tangible NFT receipt.

The NFTs can be cherished or given as gifts to someone else. Additionally, because these records are unchangeable, users can use the app to vouch for the reality of their encounters for bragging rights.

Perhaps you can auction your NFTs, delight others and become wealthy.

Download the Clam app here.

Ultimate baby camera

Are you losing sleep because your baby camera doesn’t include AI functionality?

Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion could be the only baby monitor you ever need.

Pixsee Play & Friends is an intelligent baby camera and entertaining toy set combined into one care-and-play solution. Its care features include a smart infant sleep monitor, a mobile safety detector, and a music player that automatically plays melodies to calm crying. Shennona Co., Ltd. claims it’s the world’s first decoder that can determine the cause of crying, providing parents peace of mind.

Three companion toys engage babies in cognitively stimulating play through specially chosen music. The AI functionality records priceless parent-child moments to the cloud.

Will you and your baby really benefit from all these features?

Buy the Pixsee Play AI Smart Baby Camera & Friends Companion here.

AI app monitors your body 24/7

Do you need real-time data about how your body is functioning?

XHRO is the world’s first and smallest all-in-one, 24-hour, real-time body monitoring device. It uses cutting-edge AI technology to “unlock the body clock and unveil the aging system.”

XHRO claims we can enhance our physical and cognitive performance by better comprehending our biological clock from all the data the gadget collects. The data include neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic data. The device is easy to wear. It uses a sensor behind the neck to gather extensive information from the entire body.

I’m concerned devices like this will distract us from our daily activities and make us neurotic about the state of our health.

To learn more about the Suntory XHRO, click here.

App monitors your dog’s health

Are you concerned about the health of your dog?

The Cotons Sense 1 intelligent dog collar claims to extend the life of our best friend. The multi-sensor collar measures and monitors your dog’s biosignals.

The app analyses the dog collar information using AI to detect anomalies and spot early warning indications of potential disease. It communicates the precise health status of your dog to you and your veterinarian.

Will this app really add value beyond a regular check-up at your veterinarian?

To learn more about the Cotons Sense 1, click here.

Powered rollerskates

Do you want to walk faster than you can naturally?

Rollkers use a high-power motor and rechargeable batteries to double your walking speed. Their range is 2.5 miles or four km. Rollkers sense when you want to accelerate or slow down and provide more or less assistance accordingly.

If you walk a lot in paved urban areas, Rollkers may be worth considering. However, they have a limited range and are not as light to carry as the website claims.

To learn more about the Rollkers, click here.

Formulate your skin care at home

Are you struggling to find the right skin care product for you?

COSMECHIP is an at-home beauty device that creates custom skincare cosmetics on the spot.

Customers select the ideal chip to address their specific skin issues from a wide range of provided chips that address different skin problems. When the chosen chip is inserted in the device, water enters the chip along a path specifically created to produce a balanced blending of water and active ingredients to generate the finished skincare product.

This product appears redundant given the wide variety of skin care products readily available from many stores.

The COSMECHIP will soon be available here.

The AI-powered baby stroller

Is your primitive baby stroller not functional enough?

Ella is an AI-powered intelligent baby stroller built by GlüxKind Technologies Inc. It is designed with increased safety and convenience for today’s busy parents.

Ella’s powerful dual-motor system lets you tackle any hill with ease. The Rock-My-Baby feature and the built-in White Noise Machine help soothe your little one. Ella comes with an app to manage its functions.

Smart or not, Glüxkind’s innovative travel system includes a car seat, infant bassinet, and toddler seat, which is crammed with adorably attractive and practical features. It’s total overkill.

Preorder Ella here.

Portable Blender

Are the drinks in your thermos too dull?

BlenderCap is an ultra-high-powered portable blender that combines with a vacuum-insulated bottle for a new way to create blended shakes, smoothies, and frozen drinks on the go.

BlenderCap is a standard-sized bottle cap that doubles as a portable blender. You can use it with any bottle. The cap features a powerful motor and a battery system that allows you to blend on the go.

I doubt that having immediate access to these drinks is so essential that it justifies carrying a noticeably heavy portable blender.

Order BlenderCap here.

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